New Tools

In the past week or so, I’ve been experimenting with different editors for the multiple languages that I’ve been learning over the last few months. I’ve been working with a lot of Python for different projects in school and small projects on my own time. It’s one of my favorite languages, but I always felt as though the default editor (IDLE) was fairly barebones in terms of features after coming from editing Java in Eclipse and seeing all the different features it provided for the user. I then discovered, through word of one of my professors, Visual Studio Code. I am now switching to this editor full-time for Python, HTML, CSS, and hopefully Java eventually. I find that it is much more feature-rich than basic text editors and IDLE. I also really like the integration with Windows’ command line and the integrated terminal inside the app.

Aside from using different editors for all different languages, I also do a fair amount of text editing, especially considering that I made a fairly recent update to my Type Instructor that reads from a .txt file rather than hard-coded exercises. For editing random text files, I used to use Notepad++, which served me very well for the purposes I used it for, but then I realized that I could just use Visual Studio Code for that as well, and the few items I have edited in there have really worked out for me.

I’m hoping to bring my workflow completely to Visual Studio Code and use it as my full-time “Swiss Army Knife” editor for everything, including Java.

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