First Steps

Since my last post I have made quite a bit of progress in regards to both my knowledge and progress on this project. Since the end of last year, I have gained much more experience in Java, while also learning Python, HTML, and a good amount of CSS. I have begun programming smaller applications in Python that I use for different daily calculations and small text-based games. These are mostly to help cement my knowledge of python and help me to learn even more. I have built a few small web pages, none of which have been fairly basic and I have left them unpublished.

The main thing I have done since last year is that I have started working on the actual typing instructor program. In its current state, the instructor is only programmed to teach the home row, but in the next few weeks I plan to finish up the alphanumeric keys so that someone that uses it will be able to learn how to type pretty much anything they would need to with little or no problem.

After I’m done writing the program needed to do the basics of typing, I plan to move on to use-case applications, like teaching a Java programmer the shortcuts they may need for their line of work, so they can learn these and know them by heart, rather than having to look at the keyboard every time they want to comment out a block of code. I plan to write this piece of the program for at least Java, if not Python as well.

Along with the language-oriented piece of my program, I will also add a menu to help a person pick up where they may have left off or to pick which language’s shortcuts they’d like to learn. This will also help to consolidate the system of running the instructor so that it can be ready for GUI and possibly web-based integration.

Progress on this project can be followed over at:

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