Going Forward

As I move on in this project, I plan to keep investigating the different tutor sites that I have looked at in my previous post as well as keep going in learning the different programming languages needed for this program to function.

Things have started out slow, but I have been investigating more and more typing instructors throughout the past couple of months, getting a feel for how they function and what makes them accurate in how they teach a person to type on the standard QWERTY layout. Something that has also interested me in looking at these different instructors is what they are teaching you to type, whether it be a paragraph of nonsense, some random words, or for sites like typingcat, something that actually relates to your profession, much like what we are trying to do here.

I have also been slowly but surely moving forward in Codecadamy, finishing up the last couple of exercises before I move on to HTML5 and some more tedious languages like Javascript. This means that I should be able to investigate the actual programming that goes into typing tutor sites and figure out how to implement some of those strategies into my own personal work.

Last but certainly not least, I have been crudely sketching out some of my ideas for a GUI of sorts that could be used to represent the typing tutor we are trying to produce. The design I’m trying to work towards is fairly simple, but I think that a simpler design could make the program easier to navigate for someone newer to computers and doesn’t want to go through the hassle of trying to figure out a complicated program just to learn something like typing, which is one of the main audiences for the instructor. The last step of the process will of course be to implement my programming knowledge and build the program around this GUI so that it works as I have imagined it here, but that is much farther away, as I am only now learning the basics.

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